BEST Disneyland Hotels! On-Site and Off-Site Recommendations!

Watch this video to make sure you make the right choice for your next stay at Disneyland California. This sill give you all the best Disneyland Hotels, with tour walk throughs and pros and cons. Make sure you know what Disneyland hotels are best, including different suite options. Top choices like Disneyland Grand Californian, The Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel.

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  1. Yeah but there's only one big flaw in that those hotels that are the non Disney hotels are the kinds that are used for drug deals so unless you want your kid to be stinking a dirty disgusting rundown hotel that even the owner won't go to the room then I wouldn't suggest using a non Disney hotel because it doesn't have the Disney moniker on it you don't know how unsafe it is plus some of the people who get involved in those drug dealers might actually be people who work at the Disney parks there's a little food for thought imagine the guy dressed as Mickey Mouse but he's also buying heroin and a seedy Hotel away from Disneyland I mean you don't know what these people do when they're off shift well you know they could be child molesters under the suits all you see is the happy face of the mask the person's wearing on their suit but I've been on the inside of the suit they probably pissed as hell

  2. Thanks bro, I appreciate it. I recently reunited with my childhood crush and we started talking and now, me and her and her friend and their bf are all planning a road trip here and I wanted to know which hotels we could all stay at!!

  3. Great video. A tad misleading with the photos of Disneyland hotel rooms. Those are the custom themed suites that run over $2000 per night. I usually stay at the Del Sol on the Harbor entrance, but I’ll try Best Western 😊

  4. I stayed at the Fairfield inn by marriott anaheim resort. It is closer to disney that courtide Marriot but the hotel itself is very basic. It does have a pizza hut express which is good.

  5. Used to stay at neighboring hotels every time because of advice like this. Last year I finally forked out the money to stay at the Disneyland Hotel and will do it again this year. Best way to do Disneyland.

  6. Some weird and dated info on video. Disneyland Hotel hasn't started at $210 in about 15 years. Also, MaxPass is far superior to Fastpass Plus. It's not an advantage to book fastpasses months in advance. It's an inconvenience.

  7. We've stayed in Disneyland hotel once however, usually choose the BW Park Place you mentioned. The BW was getting old and tired last time we were there few years ago so good to hear it is renovated. My next trip in September we thought we'd try the other side of Disneyland and chose the BW Stovalls Inn. What we like about these hotels is the breakfast is included savings some money. Thanks for the video!

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