Budget Hotels in Matheran

Today I have visited 3 Budget Hotels in Matheran. Let me show you the hotels rooms, Facilities and rates.

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  1. Sir it's horibbal mistri hotel ka aap bata raho ho us se bilkul alag hai koi consetion nahi aur third class hai jane par bolte hai woh to hame aad ke liye diya tha faltu bakwas aapko kuch mila kya add karne ka

  2. The ghodewalas r big disappointment thy r never happy with wht thy get always crying spoiling the mood……they follow u everywhere trying to loot u…..first thy will say we will take u to this spot n tht spot then later start to ask more money….

  3. Wow brother, I had been to matheran multiple times, had been to kumar plaza/ Rugby most of the times, but what hotels you have covered are reasonable and good. I will definitely try. Thanks for making/ sharing video with us. Keep it up.

  4. Very good video.. 📷 camera work/narration good quality,, professional work..pl.keep it up.
    Budget & economy hotel s should be encouraged & highlighted to attract common people…also goonda type/rowdy property owners should be discarded….

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