Inside the No.1 HOTEL in the World ($15,000/NIGHT)

In our recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, we had the pleasure to experience both the Imperial Villa ($15,000/night) at Four Seasons Jimbaran bay & the Royal Villa ($3,500/night) at the Four Seasons Sayan Resort (Considered the best hotel in the world of 2018)

In this video, we take you, the Aluxers, inside these luxury villas and showcase the lifestyle some of the richest people in the world get to enjoy.

We believe BALI should be on everyone’s travel list and if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience, Four Seasons can provide that for you!

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  1. Great content as always. Is the team at ALUX going to get back into doing more travel videos? I’m sure they cost a lot more and are more time consuming than your “15 Most videos”. LoL
    Thank you for being one of my favorite channels on You Tube.

  2. Number 1 hotel in the world based on what? Can’t find anything that backs up this claim. Neither the highest rated nor most expensive so number 1 in what exactly?

  3. As someone who goes to the perfect island of Bali several times a year since childhood, and doesn’t exactly slum it, I can tell you this is NOT the best hotel in the world.
    Four Seasons hotel service everywhere is just above average these days.
    Also for those who think the cost per night is directly proportionate to excellence, it’s not nearly the most expensive per night in Bali.

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