Master Suite inside London’s most expensive hotel suite

What does £24,000 a night get you, and is it worth it?
In the first of a new series on the word’s most luxurious hotel suites, the FT’s travel editor Tom Robbins visits the Langham Hotel’s Sterling Suite in London.

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  1. with six bedrooms, that's only like 4k per room per night, which is still a relatively normal price for a 5star exec suite. so grab your five richest friends and book this room 😀

  2. If I sold my one bedroom London flat, the leasehold of which entitles me to live there until 2179, paying a modest annual service charge, I could afford to stay in this suite for a week….. From my point of view I think I'm currently getting a better deal.

  3. I'm surprised at all the uncivilized brutes criticizing how pretensious and extravagant this is…well this is exactly that so why in the world your sitting on your lazy ass watching this? Lol people are funny. Anyway the only thing I'm interested in is the quality of the mattress and the thread count of the sheets otherwise everything else is just dramatic theatricals to entertain once egostical need for validation of their superior means….and why not if you got it I suppose.

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