SHANGRI-LA PARIS | Best luxury hotel in Paris (full tour in 4K)

Join me on a full tour (in 4K UHD) of Shangri-La Paris, the most exclusive hotel in the French capital. The hotel is housed in a historic mansion, once home to Prince Roland Bonaparte, and offers breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower.

Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
3:41 Lobby
12:10 Room
18:28 Spa & pool
22:51 Historic salons
24:44 Dinner
29:05 breakfast

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  1. Am I the only one that thought the interior and decor was revolting?
    It honestly made me feel a little sick. Nothing matched, I expected so much better, the random ornaments everywhere and the foliage displays which were just pot plants bunched together. The place looks so cramped and run down I’d never ever stay there.
    No offence to the video you did a great job with that

  2. I went in and asked the manager for his cheapest price for a mug of soup and a lump of hairy bacon on a good thick slice of brown bread for me and my forty six friends. He wasn't very nice. I wouldn't recommend that place at all.

  3. Oh mon Dieu! C'est si beau! Please allow me to be stowed away in your suitcase next time you visit this amazing hotel or other hotels. Hahaha. Thank you for your consideration and for all of the great videos.

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