The BEST & WORST Walt Disney World Hotels

We’ve updated our list and we’re ready to stir up some controversy. See which Disney World hotels you totally want to stay at in 2020 and which ones you should steer clear of!

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  1. Kind of sad to watch this to hear all of the stuff that was supposed to come out in 2020 and the parks are still not 100% operating. 😢 Also, I had an April 2020 trip for my 1 year old to get his first haircut just like my oldest did.

  2. AOA is in serious need of a refurbishment. The furniture and carpets are severely worn. Warning: though technically they say they sleep an entire family the are incredibly cramped rooms.

  3. We recently stayed at Pop Century. Hated it! Long wait for the skyliner, just to get off and wait again in line at the next resort. The food was horrible and expensive. Room looked nice but bed was hard as a brick. We were treated like cattle. Had to walk a mile to our room after walking 5+ miles at the park. Did not enjoy it at all! And for what we paid, we expected more 3 star treatment. However, we did enjoy the parks. Even with Covid-19 restrictions. Wish we would've stayed outside of Disney and just drove to the parks. Never again though.

  4. Destino is pretty expensive! We just booked a week in the tower for Dec 2020 $3000 for 1 week! I wanted to kill my family member when they told me how much we were paying! Last time my brother books a vacation for me!🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  5. Courteous & kind! Blah (ripping hair out at Riviera pricing).
    I don't get it? Any other moderate or deluxe hotel all day for 1/3- 1/2 price. Why so expensive?

  6. I'm glad I went before like a month or two before COVID 19 hit the US. I'm sorry, but I disagree with you on Animal Kingdom Lodge and Gran Destino Tower. My last trip which was in January, I stayed at Coronado Springs (not at the Gran Destino Tower) and I was impressed with the tower. Everything in there felt state of the art like the elevator and design of the rugs and building. Plus you're the first bus stop too if you're staying there. In 2017, I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and yes I know it's out of the way, but at least you're with animals and if you hit The Mara (the quick service place) they literally have Zebra Domes you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime. Animal Kingdom Lodge has a great restaurant selection whether it's Sanaa, Jiko, or Boma. One thing I wish Disney would do for Animal Kingdom Lodge is build a pathway to Animal Kingdom. I mean when you're going from Animal Kingdom the bus takes forever to get there to bring you back to Animal Kingdom Lodge. Next time I go whenever that would be I'm probably leaning towards Caribbean Beach since I've never stayed there before.

  7. For people who go to Disney every year , what time of year do you go at and is it always the same time of year?

    Ps. My family always goes in February for 2 weeks

  8. So i came from 2018s video to here hoping you changed your opinion on the Grand Floridian, but you just literally put some resorts on the worst category for reasons that make no damn sense. Now the Grand Floridan is a massive resort so obviously you have to walk from building to building to get to your room, literally the MAJORITY of the resorts on property are like this! Florida weather? That is what the lobby is for, sit at the brand new Enchanted Rose bar, listen to the live music, have something to eat at Park Fare or Grand Flo Cafe while the weather calms down. Wilderness Lodge is not remote, its literally a right turn across from TTC, and not EVERYONE wants to be in the middle of the action after a long day at the parks, they like to destress and be in the quiet after hearing nothing but crying kids or stressing over making your fastpasses on time. NO ONE and i mean NO ONE will choose their resorts based on the available transportation, its always based on budget and availability and/or which resort you like the best or want to try. All the reasons mentioned in this video and the previous ones seems like very biased and personal opinions, not ones considering actual reviews and opinions from the guests in mind.

  9. I saw a clip of one of the Hotels where you only got to see the lobby but it looked awesome, so I'm hoping that someone might be able to let me know which one it was. As one walks through the entrance, there seemed to be a bar stretching along the entire left side and opposite side there was either a small restaurant or maybe a cafe kind of place; could possibly tell me which hotel this is?pleaseit just looked so cool and the year we're planning to visit, there will be 2 birthdays in the month we're hoping to visit, any help would be greatly appreciated

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