The World’s Only 7-Star Hotel Inside

Imagine you’re on vacation, and you decide to splurge and stay at a 5-star hotel instead of the usual 3 star one, making you acutely aware of the luxury you’ve been missing out on. But, what about a 7-star hotel!? Well, “lavish” and “extravagant” would be understatements.

So what would actually happen if you visited a 7-star hotel? It’s time to show you. Let’s take the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. It’s recognized as a 7-star hotel. Though, it’s a 5-star hotel. But the way it got its impressive rating is pretty interesting.

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  1. I live in Dubai have of this is a lie burj khalifa is the first one that comes up then burj al arab the room don’t look like that the rooms are not sized like that but there is room with two floors it luxurious it’s all a lie

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