The Worst Disney World Hotels

If you’re visiting to ride the newest rides in EPCOT or Magic Kingdom, you’re traveling on a budget or you really want to be able to get the best food in Disney World right at your hotel…these are NOT the places you want to stay

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  1. Just me or is anyone wondering if she asked the employees if she could live at Disneyland forever and that’s how she knows all this Disney land stuff and that’s also why she made a channel based on Disney

  2. I really liked pop century, the food was amazingggg and the train wasn’t that noisy unless you went right by it. But from the rooms I didn’t really hear anything

  3. My wife and I stayed at Grand Floridian. On the upside, our maid for the week was a very attractive young lady! On the downside, she was knocking on the door at 6am every day, so I had to get up to let her out.

  4. what people don't understand about Grand Floridian prices is there are people willing to pay an additional couple hundred a night not for any additional amenity or space or anything like that, they do it to get away from as many disgusting normal people as possible. they are willing to pay this extra money to increase their odds of limiting their exposure to walmart level people.

  5. Just got back from a week in Orlando where we only did magic kingdom on the last day. Will be staying on property one las time before magical express disappears. So we planned 2 weeks in September at Old Key West.

  6. Animal Kingdom Lodge desperately needs a road, or even a footpath, connecting it directly with 192. That would put easily a dozen off-property restaurants within easy walking distance and the Orange Lake Publix just a little further. There's even a spur next to Texas Roadhouse that, with a 45deg turn just past the end, would cross Osceola Pkwy right at a lane between parking lots. I'm aware Disney has a culture, tradition and financial interest in keeping guests on-property but at some point being user- and community-unfriendly by design has its' limits.

  7. We stayed at Pop Century in 2020 and I never found the quick service to be crazy busy. Lines were reasonable to get food, cashiers etc. The check in line in lobby moved quickly too

  8. I will NOT be going to a Disney Park again until the masks are gone.

    And if digital health passports are instituted for entry to parks, movies, concerts and restaurants, I will GLADLY give up these activities.

    No one should have to prove they have the “correct” body chemistry just to do basic, normal, everyday things.

    Coughing and sneezing are not illegal activities. And should not be treated as such even now.

  9. There's a lot to disagree with in this "worst" list. All the Skyliner Resorts, which includes the Crescent Lake resorts, have easy access to all restaurant and dining options up and down the line, ranging from ADR's at Hollywood Studios, to everything at Epcot (Park Hopper returns for a 2nd park per day on January 1st), the Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach Blub, Swan & Dolphin and Riviera Resort. It's true that some of these options are closed, but anyone at the Caribbean Beach is roughly 20-25 minutes of walking, Skyliner and walking from food options at Canada, the Special Events Pavilion, UK and France. So, to call any of the Skyliner resorts "worst" for food is just wrong.

  10. This list is irresponsible. We're trying to stay open and working so you can keep making videos and you're telling potential guests why they shouldn't stay with us.

  11. I think when people think of Disney, they have come to accept all of those idiosyncrasies as part of having fun. They don't mind. For example, if I choose to stay off property at a hotel, I still have to get into my car and drive, right?

  12. Well, everything is a trade off. We all know that cheapest resorts are not going to be the ones with the easiest access to the parks. The long lines and wait for absolutely everything is now expected.
    I am from Europe, and I went a few years ago, booked months in advance but all the restaurants were already booked. Scary that you also need to book in advance where you are going to want to eat if you want to have a chance to do it at a reasonable time.
    To me, this is what killed all the fun. The necessity to absolutely plan each and every move ahead of time, and stick to the plan. No room for improvisation. Like the fast pass rides. You need to continuously engineer the stay to make the best of it. This was completely stressful. The kids just wanted to float from one thing to the next, and could not understand that it was not possible.
    Disney needs to get a software assistance app. that will help in pre-ordering and pre-planning.
    Absolutely everything came hard to get; we had to time our exits from the park to avoid the long queues for the bus. Could not find the best window to eat at the Disney village. We ended up eating so late the kids were sleeping in their plates….
    I don't think I will do that again.

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