WHERE TO STAY IN GHANA FOR ANY BUDGET | Best Hotels and Apartments to stay in Accra

Find out the best hotel to stay in Ghana for your trip to Ghana! Are you heading to Accra at Christmas and looking for the best place to stay? Or maybe your just interested in seeing the nicest hotels in Ghana – well you’ve landed in the right place. I take you around some of my favourite hotels and apartments which i have tried and tested and have had a positive experience at!

I cover hostels to hotels so make sure to tune in till the end! I will be uploading a video of places to stay outside of Accra in the coming weeks so hit subscribe so you get a notification for that video too! Wheres your favriote place to stay in Accra? put it in the comments section below. And any questions just ask!

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  1. Unless you know somebody significant in Ghana you will not access the truly beautiful hotels that do exist. Because they don’t advertise. And you will never find them on travel sites, I’m lucky as the lawyer I’ve known for quite some time has arranged a booking for me in a very luxurious hotel in Kumasi. It’s not cheap by any means but he’s assured me it’s the best, secured and safe.

  2. Oh my goodness! I stayed in Volta room on my last visit! I thought it was super nice for the price, the breakfast is worth mentioning. Local fresh food is ample and delicious. Agoo is also nice, Sleepy Hippo is not bad. Thanks for posting, missing Ghana. Oh and in if you are in Kokomlemle don't forget to check out One Corner restaurant 🙂 ~Ama~

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