Why Do Indian-Americans Own So Many Hotels?

Indian-Americans run about 40% of America’s hospitality industry – and 70% of those Indian-Americans have the last name “Patel.” While the name Patel has become synonymous with business, especially in the South Asian community, that reputation hasn’t come easy, and hasn’t always come with a lot of rewards.

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  1. What a great story! Maybe on the next installment, the author/host could explain how to get a loan for hotel's/businesses with and without citizenship. If you don't have citizenship, how could you have a credit score? Maybe based upon local banking? Loan officer knows them personally? Maybe a certain ethnicity only loans to certain ethnicity? I've often wondered about this.

  2. Great video, we travel extensively throughout the US and stay in all manner of hotels always was curious about this. Thank you so much for this video and I will be checking out the book.

  3. Where I live in Alabama I went to school with multiple “Patels” they lived in a local hotel. I’m in a very small town and all hotels and almost all except 3-4 hotels and gas stations are owned by patels. I’m in business and I’ve worked for a few since then and a guy named Mike Patel I worked for I became friends with and he explained to me the last name Patel is basically a gang but in a good way, they adopt the name and all look after each other and either hire each other or get them started and share their wealth. That’s why so many “Patels” own gas and hotel stops.

  4. These Indian are not Americans , they are Indian from India that are buying over 20 million differant store especially gas station the media here is misleading's us real Americans,

  5. Please make a documentary on why are Indians are CEOs, doctors, vice presidents, professors, nobel laureates, scientists, etc. Not too PC or woke I guess. And for heaven's sake, stop calling Indians; South Asian. It doesn't exist in US census and they never call Irish or Italians Americans, Northern or S European Americans. India is too culturally vast and rich to be lumped in to a stupid ignorant media generated term.

  6. I’m surprised you left out the most important factor: our government handing out interest free loans to these immigrant families. Kudos to them for capitalizing on the resources available.

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