I lived in the cheapest 5-Star all inclusive resort in the world. This 5-Star hotel was priced at just $33/night and I found it to be the cheapest and best in the world! While traveling I’ve experienced many types of hotels in Asia including trying a $20 capsule hotel vs $60 capsule hotel in Tokyo, to world’s cheapest first class airplane seat, to the world’s best capsule hotel ($9/night), to even the world’s cheapest 5-star hotel, to even an overnight bus hotel, however none of these topped this 5-Star all inclusive resort!

This 5-star resort room looked as much luxury as do the most expensive 5-star hotels and the all inclusive food was incredible! With having a massive all you can eat buffet of anything from street foods like fried chicken and pizza to fast food specialties of burgers! This video also reminded me when I took world’s cheapest first class airplane seat, however in this one it made me feel like I was in the best first class in the world while having a cheap luxury experience!

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  1. Wow, this guy is not picky…..I guess, that's millennials' perception. Yes, value for the money, but not a true 5 stars maybe a solid 3.5 stars.
    Turkey is going through one of the worst economic recovery as inflation is skyrocketing & their money lost much value.
    The greenback can get you a lot in Turkey, but myself, you can pay slightly more & get a true 5 star experience in Southeast Asia.

  2. At $33/ day for food and lodging I want to move here and live permanently…
    I just need to figure out how to make a couple grand a month while living in Turkey… maybe as a tour guide?

  3. How do you find these deals! I recently started watching your videos! Please post website you can find these deals! I would love to travel..but too expensive for me….

  4. holy shit i remember staying at an turkish hotel in antalya too that was very close to yours!!!

    edit: the only thing i can remember is that it was also called armas and like a less luxurious place than that

  5. Y'know why this hotel is smart? They put the price low so when people enter the hotel they'll stay a night because of how low the price is, and that means alot of people are gonna come which means money.

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